The Makeup Concept

All products in the Eye Care Cosmetics and NATorigin makeup ranges have been developed to avoid all types of sensitive reaction (tears, cornea, eye lash roots, skin etc.) whether with or without contact lenses. All components recognised as aggressive to the body have been avoided, only ingredients rigorously selected for their total innocuity and compatibility with bio-material used in contact lenses, have been selected.

  • Ultra-micronised products.
  • Rigorous selection of raw materials for their bio-inertia.
  • Use of non-ionic preservatives controlled for optimal hold.
  • Exclusive use of water-insoluble mineral pigments.
  • Selection of particularly suitable components: tocopherol linoleate & y orizanol.
  • Elimination of components presenting a potential risk: nickel, SLS, cobalt, colophane & allergenic fragrances.
  • Suppression of components harmful to nails and skin: formol, toluene, acetone & formaldehyde resin.
  • To formulate without parabens.
  • No fragrance, or fragrance limited exclusively to non-allergenic notes: see individual products ingredients for whether a fragrance is used.
  • Systematic tests (toxicological using a substitutive method, bacteriological, physico-chemical), and permanent control of product quality by a cosmeto-vigilance panel


"Cosmetics so gentle you can wear them ALL day EVERY day"


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