3rd Generation Lubricants

The next generation of lubricants is about evolving and combining the range of 2nd generation lubricants to help protect the eye and form even more effective answers to dry eye problems. Approaches taken so far include:

  • Adding in additional types of sugar molecules like trealose to help nourish and moisturise.
  • Different forms of existing lubricants, such as cross-linked sodium hyaluronate, which helps it 'hang' on the eye.
  • Combining  with mineral oil to help replace the surface, lipid layer of tears.
  • Adding vitamins and minerals to help nourish the cornea.

This means these new products have all the same benefits of a 2nd generation lubricant with some additional effects and can be particularly beneficial.

  • Severe dry eyes will benefit from something that binds and provides more moisture.
  • A damaged or injured cornea might benefit from vitamins that promote wound healing.
  • Adding extra oil to the eye can help slow the evaporation of tears especially in cases of meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD).

and this is just the start...

... we are sure that further 3rd generation approaches will appear and possibly even a range of 4th generation ones.


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