Lid care products for blepharitis

<h2>Lid care products for blepharitis and meibomian gland dysfunction MGD</h2> <p>Looking after your eyelids is a very important part of eye care, and it should never be taken for granted. We stock a wide range of products including lid wipes, cleaning solutions, sleep shields and heat masks. These help take the guesswork out of treating and preventing conditions including dry eyes, itchy eyes, blepharitis and more.

For more information, read our buying guide ‘How to select the best lid care product’.  </p> <p>  Blepha Relief Treatment Kit – Dealing with the possibility of blepharitis should be taken seriously, and with this eyelid care kit you can do just that. You will get a BlephaMask, 1 pack of BlephaCura Pads and a bottle of Blephacura to ensure that your eyelids are well taken care of. The kit is presented in a specially designed compact bag.  </p><p>  <a href="/belpha-relief-treatment-kit.html">Blepha Mask</a> – This heatable eye mask is perfect for treating symptoms of blepharitis from the outset. Containing grape seeds, the mask releases a pleasant warmth that helps your glands to release their natural oils.  </p><p>  <a href="/blink-lid-clean-wipes.html">Blink Lid-Clean Wipes</a> – Use these hypoallergenic lid wipes to clean any secretions resulting from blepharitis from your eyelids; they're useful for dry eyes and are suitable for all ages, from babies upwards. They are made using camomile and have a moisturising effect that's very soothing.  </p><p>  <a href="/blephasol-duo.html">Blephasol Duo</a> – This cleansing solution helps to rejuvenate sensitive eyelids while maintaining hygiene. The cotton pads are perfect for keeping blepharitis at bay, and contains no preservatives or perfumes. </p>


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