The Secret Of Perfect Make-Up 


Well moisturised skin makes an excellent make-up base. Wait 10 minutes after applying your moisturiser and eye contour cream before making up, make-up will hold for much longer. For balanced make-up always start with the foundation, followed by the eyes and finally the lips. This approach will allow you to create a harmonious finish drawing attention to the triangle formed by the eyes and lips.


Foundation SPF25 (or Complexion Perfector tinted moisturiser SPF25)

Squeeze a dab of foundation into the palm of your hand and leave it to warm to skin temperature, this will also help it melt into the skin more easily. Apply a dab to the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. Using fingertips work the cream outwards (do not spread) from the centre of the face. Combined foundation/powder products can save you time, such as our Eye Care compact powder foundation and NATorigin loose powder foundation.


Powder or Veil

To fix foundation use a loose powder or light reflecting pressed veil, applying generously to the whole face using a large brush. You should achieve a matte, silky finish. Use a pressed powder or veil for touching up during the day.


Correcting pens and pencils

The Eye Care Cosmetics Correcting pens mask all skin tone imperfections with complementary colours.

Depending on the shade selected, they restore radiance to dull complexions, camouflage redness/red or dark spots/blotches or even reduce the yellowish appearance of the complexion. The light-reflecting pigments brighten the complexion and correct imperfections while giving it a glow and giving it a very natural finish.



If possible, apply over foundation. Using the sponge applicator apply a small amount of cream concealer along the lower edge of dark circles, around the nostrils and below the lower lip. Gently blend in using light patting movements. The concealer should blend into the foundation to hide signs of tiredness and shadows. Concealer pens can be applied directly from the brush.


Blusher or Bronzer

These will give definition and contour your face. Smooth blusher on to prominent parts of the cheeks and bronzer onto the cheek hollows, forehead, nose and chin.


Eyes (including Contact Lens Wearers)

  1. Carefully wash your hands.
  2. Put your contact lenses in before applying making-up.
  3. Apply lash serum to the lid margins and lashes to activate and boost lash growth.
  4. Apply concealer both below the eyes and on the lids as a primer.
  5. Begin your make-up with your eyelids (eye shadow cream, jumbo pencil and/or eye shadow powder).
  6. Avoid using non-micronised powders around the eyes.
  7. Follow the gradual colours method - dark colours on the outer mobile eyelids, lighter colours on the inner lids and arches.
  8. Make-up your eyelids first and then the bottom of your lashes with the fluid, pen or pencil eyeliner.
  9. We do not recommend applying eyeliner on the inner edge (waterline) of the eyelids.
  10. Colour and lengthen your lashes - dark mascara on all the lashes, clear mascara on the tips as a finishing touch.
  11. Define your brows with a waterproof eyebrow pencil or eyebrow mascara to look more awake.
  12. No need to remove your contact lenses before applying our eye make-up removers, 2-in-1 Express is the most efficient one.
  13. Carefully remove your eye and face make-up in a single step before going to sleep with our biphasic cleanser or micellar water.
  14. Apply lash serum and conditioning mascara for beautiful and healthy lashes.


"Perfect makeup results for contact lens wearers"


Eye Care Cosmetics Makeup Tutorial

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